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Back-to-school fashion tips from ''Idol'' stylists -- The people who style the ''American Idol'' contestants give their prediction on hot looks for fall

For back-to-school ensembles that would wow even Simon, we consulted American Idol stylists Miles and Kirsten Siggins (better known as the husband-and-wife fashionistas responsible for Clay Aiken's glam style makeover). They predict these fall looksrecently presented in a NYC fashion showwill be bigger than Ruben's 205 jerseys.

1 Go punk preppy by mixing mom's twin sets with studded belts, chains, and funkified tees.

2 Give sporty some spice: ''Warm up athletic wear with a tailored top,'' says Kirsten. ''Or vice versa [right]. This look is all about having fun, and that's hot!!!''

3 ''Embrace your inner Grant, guys, with old-fashioned jackets and ties,'' suggests Miles. (And by Grant, he means Cary, not Hugh, Gen-Yers.)

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