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Garry Shandling had a memorable 2004 Emmy moment

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Best Extreme Makeover
Garry Shandling

In a hilarious taped prologue, plastic surgeons marked up host Garry Shandling's face, targeting him for an eye job, a chin implant, and a sex-change operation. It was part of the entire Emmy ceremony's extreme makeover as ''the ultimate reality show.'' (The bit also saw NYPD Blue's Dennis Franz ''eliminated'' early as a nominee, complaining: ''I should have shown my ass again this year. My ass is money in the bank.'') Even the Emmy set was made over ''reality''-style, with the glass control booth built above the stage so the audience could see the production crew at work. But if the Emmys are a reality show, does it mean this was the most dramatic Emmys ceremony EVER?

Originally posted Sep 14, 2004

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