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Encore (Nov. 16)

Image credit: Eminem: James K. Burns: Camera Press/Retna

Why we can't wait to hear Eminem's latest

He's given white rap street cred, powered a Hollywood flick, and turned a so-so crew of Detroit MCs (D12) into chart-topping stars. Now America's favorite speed-rapping, profanity-spewing, button-pushing Caucasian continues his incredible streak with a fourth solo album -- and the product is under tighter security than the Bush twins. But according to sources in the Shady secret service, Encore will sound a lot like, well, Eminem: crude wit, intricate rhymes, and once again a disc produced by Marshall himself and Dr. Dre. Oh yeah, one more thing: It's gonna be huge.

Originally posted Sep 15, 2004

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