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Martha Stewart and Mark Burnett team up in primetime. The ''Apprentice'' producer had already signed on to help revive her daytime show as well, once she's out of jail

Martha Stewart | DOMESTIC ENGINEER Stewart will team with Burnett
Image credit: Martha Stewart: Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMA Press
DOMESTIC ENGINEER Stewart will team with Burnett

We joke that Mark Burnett should create a reality show for Martha Stewart, and lo, our wish comes true. Earlier this week, the reality TV guru behind Survivor and The Apprentice announced his intention to help Stewart revive her dormant syndicated daytime show once she gets out of jail next spring. Now comes word from Stewart's company that he'll be working with the disgraced domestic diva on a primetime series as well. On Oct. 8, Stewart will begin serving a five-month term in a federal prison as part of her sentence for lying to the government about her suspicious ImClone stock sale, but both Burnett and Stewart's reps have said that her jail time won't figure into any of the new programming. As for what the primetime show will entail, Stewart's camp is guarded. ''We'll announce the details when we're ready,'' Stewart spokeswoman Elizabeth Estroff told Reuters. We stand by our suggestion that the show emulate Apprentice and feature Martha berating and firing underlings for culinary or stylistic slip-ups.

Originally posted Sep 23, 2004

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