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Chris Farley, Patrick Swayze, ... | Swayze and Farley shake their thangs for a few 'Moments'
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Swayze and Farley shake their thangs for a few 'Moments'

''101 Most Unforgettable 'SNL' Moments''

9-10PM 101 Most Unforgettable SNL Moments (E!) Shows like these are one of the quickest ways to start a fight. Okay, maybe only among geeks who did their graduate theses on Saturday Night Live (yes, it counted for credit!). Which isn't to say there aren't great moments here. Certainly Chris Farley's turn as a male stripper (who almost outclasses Patrick Swayze, left with Farley) merits its place in the top 10, which air tonight. But Farley and Phil Hartman's final show together? That just smacks of sentimentality. True, E! is covering its backside by calling these ''unforgettable'' rather than ''funniest'' moments. Even so, does Eddie Murphy's genius ''White Like Me'' deserve such a low spot at No. 41? And not including Murphy's poet convict Tyrone Green at all? Well, that just makes me want to C-I-L-L somebody at E!. B-

8-9PM Survivor: Vanuatu (CBS) Jeff, I like you. Do you like me? If so, check this box: ¤.

8-9PM Extreme Makeover (ABC, TV-PG) Cinderella guitarist Tom Keifer helps a teacher fulfill his rock-star dreams. If I'd known I could meet my idols by subjecting myself to surgery, I totally would have been nicer to this show.

9-11PM Presidential Debate The first of three smackdowns between President George Bush and Senator John Kerry airs live from the University of Miami on all major broadcast networks and news channels.

11-11:30PM The Daily Show with Jon Stewart (Comedy Central) In a special live program after the presidential debate, the Daily Show team will try to make the candidates look sillier than they've already managed to do by themselves.

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