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Ladies' Night

Barenaked Ladies plan sketch comedy show. Fox buys a pilot for the Canadian rockers' ''Monkees''-esque series

Hey, hey, we're the Barenaked Ladies. The wry Canadian rock quintet, known for peppering its concerts with comedy sketches, is taking its act to primetime TV. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Fox has signed a deal to create a Barenaked Ladies variety show, cleverly titled The Barenaked Ladies Variety Show. The show's Monkees-esque concept: In each episode, the five musicians (Steven Page, Kevin Hearn, Tyler Stewart, Jim Creeggan, and Ed Robertson) will play characters much like themselves, alongside other actors and musicians, in sketches connected by a plot. There will be room for song performances by the band and its guests, and also for ad-libbing. Fox, which helped shoot the band to U.S. stardom via the group's performance of ''The Old Apartment'' on a 1997 episode of Beverly Hills, 90210, has committed only to a pilot for the series. Let's hope it lasts more than one week.

Originally posted Sep 28, 2004

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