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Come to My Sitcom

Melissa Etheridge will star in comedy series. The singer will play a lesbian raising a teenage girl

Melissa Etheridge | GIRL POWER Etheridge will star in a sitcom
Image credit: Melissa Etheridge: Tammie Arroyo/AP
GIRL POWER Etheridge will star in a sitcom

NBC's Will & Grace is still a big hit, but what if you reversed the sexes? Then you'd have ABC's newest sitcom project, about a lesbian who lives with her best friend, a straight man. Aptly enough, the show will star Melissa Etheridge. The openly gay rocker will play a music teacher rooming with the guy and -- here's the other twist -- a teenage girl. They'll raise her as their own kid, even though they're not a couple and the girl is actually the daughter of another friend. No word on when the show might debut, but ABC is surely already planning a sweeps-month guest spot for David Crosby as the real dad.

Originally posted Sep 29, 2004

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