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''Gilmore Girls'' phone number links to charity -- Luke's cell phone number on the show connects to a real-life message from his portrayer

Not all phone numbers on TV are five-five-five fake. The season premiere of The WB's Gilmore Girls saw Luke get a new cell phone number (860-294-1986) that actually works, connecting callers to a very enthusiastic, very un-Luke-like message from actor Scott Patterson asking for donations to benefit the Johns Hopkins Children's Center in Baltimore. Series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino confesses the real-live digits satisfy more than altruistic urges. ''If I hear someone say '555' on television, I'm going to put my own head through a wall,'' she laughs. Her loathing of fake TV phone numbers led to the purchase of an actual one. Knowing fans would call, Sherman-Palladino left it up to Patterson, who has been involved with various charities, to choose the message. ''It's kind of nice,'' she says, ''anytime you can be associated with something a little bit hopeful.''

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