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Scruff Love

Mr. Britney Spears' lack of fashion sense -- A look at Kevin Federline's shoddy style choices, including wifebeaters, fedoras, and ''Pimp'' emblazoned sweats 

Kevin Federline (a.k.a. Mr. Britney Spears) has sported quite a few looks in his tenure as paparazzi bait: professional prancer, in XXL crunk-meets-muumuu shirts; doting dad, in Yankees hat and wifebeater; and, of course, convenience-store paramour, in his-'n'-hers do-rags and Timberlakean fedoras. But at his Sept. 18 surprise ''nuptials'' to Brit, K-Fed took his poor-man's-Justin style to a whole new level. Not content with a plain gold band, the groom wore a Cynthia Wolff ring with 10 diamonds in a unique spinning mechanism (bling!). And to cap off the day's je ne sais class were post-ceremonial Juicy sweats with ''The Pimp'' across the back. Yo, Kev, a champagne-and-Red Bull toast!

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