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Farscape | Browder and Goddard aren't very good 'Peacekeepers'
Image credit: Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars: Brian McKenzie
Browder and Goddard aren't very good 'Peacekeepers'

''Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars''

MINISERIES DEBUT 9-11PM Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars (Sci Fi Channel, TV-PG-VL) When we last left Farscape heroes Crichton and Aeryn they were . . . dead! Which, one would assume, might make new miniseries problematic. But that's nothing a little ''recrystallization'' can't solve. Once they are brought back to life, the two must figure out how to both stop a war and get their unborn baby out of Rygel's belly. (P.S. Rygel is a nasty pint-size alien.) All of the main cast returns for this two-night adventure, but that doesn't mean they'll all survive. (You don't think I'd actually spill names on who spills blood, do you?) While Crichton's (Ben Browder, left with Paul Goddard) cries about protecting his baby do get a bit repetitive, the twists and turns are sure to tantalize true Farscape fans, who can now bombard the Sci Fi Channel with thousands of letters begging for the show's return. I'll be writing with you — after I watch this whole thing over again. (Concludes Oct. 18) B+ —Dalton Ross

8-9PM The E! True Hollywood Story: Oprah (E!, TV-PG) From the early days growing up in Hollywood to the drug binges to the tragic car accident that paralyzed a close frien — oh wait, that was Leif Garrett.

8-9PM Cold Case (CBS) Rush looks into the case of a Jane Doe. Parents, please stop naming your kids that. It always makes bad things happen.

8-9PM Inside the Actors Studio (Bravo) After a friend told him he should try acting classes, James Gandolfini took the advice and — bada bing! — became a big star. TV's favorite mob boss talks about the switch from the New York City nightclub he used to run to the fictional New Jersey strip club he gets to fictionally hang out in on The Sopranos.

SERIES FINALE 9-10PM In Search of the Partridge Family (VH1) Danny Bonaduce has sustained his semi-fame by being Danny Partridge — should he really be giving up his title? After narrowing the thousands of happily singing applicants to just eight contestants, VH1's ''Partridge Boot Camp'' will finally produce an all-new cast when each character's two finalists square off. The winning quartet will then sing a new Partridge Family song that will be the theme to VH1's upcoming revival of the sitcom.

9-10PM The Dish on Kitchens (HGTV, TV-G) Marla Gibbs hosts this special on culinary gadgets, but she never addresses the pivotal issue: Where else would fish fry but in the kitchen?

9-10PM Law & Order: Criminal Intent (NBC, TV-14) In a network first, viewers will decide the fate of the villainous recurring character Nicole Wallace (Olivia D'Abo) by voting online at after the show. Two different ''killer'' endings to tonight's episode will be aired in different U.S. time zones, but both will be available online. The more popular ending (and Nicole's fate in the episode's eternal reruns) will be revealed during next week's show.

9-10PM 101 Most Awesome Moments in Entertainment (E!, TV-PG-L) Too bad! Halle Berry's boob popping out of her dress on Punk'd was No. 102.

9-11PM* Masterpiece Theatre: The Lost Prince (PBS, TV-PG) Two-parter about the epileptic little brother of two English kings. Okay, guys, I'm not saying it's your cup of chai, but the chicks will dig it. *check local listings

9-11PM Perfect Strangers (CBS) Hold that Dance of Joy. There's no Balki or cousin Larry, just Rob Lowe romancing some English babe. It's all part of the conspiracy to silence Bronson Pinchot. He knows too much.

(Additional reporting by Annie Barrett)

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