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Can't get enough baseball? Then pop on a foam finger and root, root, root for's picks for the 10 all-time best players in the movies

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Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen, ...
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Rick ''Wild Thing'' Vaughn

No. 10

Hollywood's best ballplayers: Rick ''Wild Thing'' Vaughn

PLAYED BY Charlie Sheen, right

MOVIE Major League (1989)


TEAM The Cleveland Indians, here a group of broken-down misfits (including aging catcher Tom Berenger, left) recruited precisely for the likelihood that they'll drive down ticket sales, giving the owner an excuse to move the team to Florida

STATS He's called ''Wild Thing'' because of pitches that fly at 100 mph but are liable to hit anything but the strike zone. (Those thick specs don't seem to help much.) He's also a pot-smoker and convicted carjacker.

ACCURACY Well, pot-smoking ex-cons aren't completely unknown to baseball, and Sheen, at the height of his own offscreen career as a Wild Thing, gives one of his best comic performances.

MEMORABLE MOMENT The entire stadium sings along to the Troggs' ''Wild Thing'' as Vaughn pitches in a championship game.

MALE KLEENEX FACTOR 2 out of 10 hankies (10 out of 10 if you're an Indians fan)

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