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Brilliant Disguise

In honor of the Johnny Cash biopic ''Walk the Line,'' hold your own film festival about real-life musicians with these nine great films

Jamie Foxx, Ray
Image credit: Ray: Nicola Goode
Jamie Foxx, Ray
Image credit: Ray: Nicola Goode



Movies about musicians: ''Ray''

LEAD SINGER Jamie Foxx won an Oscar for his uncanny incarnation of the genius of soul, Ray Charles.

PITCH-PERFECT? A classically trained pianist, Foxx lip-synched Charles' vocals but accurately mimicked his keyboard fingerings on screen.

HUMBLE ORIGINS The adult Ray frequently recalls his impoverished, Depression-era boyhood in Georgia and Florida, which included being raised by a single mom (Sharon Warren), helplessly watching his brother drown in a bathtub, and losing his sight to glaucoma.

HIGH NOTE Vamping to kill time during a concert that has run short, Ray and his band improvise the epic ''What'd I Say'' on the spot.

TRAGIC ENDING? Averted. Ray cripples his career and nearly kills himself with his heroin addiction, but manages to kick and become enshrined as a pop institution.

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