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Introducing the new Man of Steel -- EW gives you the inside scoop on newcomer Brandon James Routh, who has been cast to play Superman in the upcoming superhero movie


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Who is Superman? That question, which has plagued residents of Metropolis for decades, has also had a hold on Hollywood since Warner Bros. announced plans to resume the film franchise. Now we may have our answer: Word is director Bryan Singer has settled on Brandon James Routh to snap on those tights when the fifth Superman movie starts shooting next year (it's due in 2006). Warner Bros. won't comment, and Routh's agent says only that he's received ''a million and one'' calls about the news. Here are some answers to the million and one questions about the Man Who Would Be Kal-El.

Routh is from Norwalk, Iowa. Folks back home call him B.J.

B.J. swam and played soccer for the Norwalk H.S. Warriors.

B.J. is 6' 2'' and 25 years old.

B.J., like Christopher Reeve, was a soap stud. He played Seth Anderson on One Life to Live for a year, starting in May 2001.

B.J. was also on Will & Grace, Gilmore Girls, Cold Case, and in Christina Aguilera's ''What a Girl Wants'' video.

B.J. pops up in the upcoming film Deadly, starring Laura Prepon.

B.J. participated in several charity events as a member of the One Life to Live cast, thus living up to the ideals of truth, justice, and the American way.

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