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Holly Marie Combs | WICCAN AWESOME Charmed 's Combs
Image credit: Charmed: Timothy White
WICCAN AWESOME Charmed's Combs

Which TV actor could carry a spin-off?

Are there any television characters/actors you believe could carry a spin-off? — Sophie
Let me say it, Sophie: I love sassy witches. In particular, Charmed's Holly Marie Combs. Her sensible mom o' two, Piper Halliwell, is adorably exasperated at all things silly, which would serve her well on ''the outside.'' Should the Charmed formula ever need a tweak, I think Piper could leave her troubled marriage, set up her bar in another windy city, Chicago, and do the single-mom thing quite amusingly. Think Bewitched's Samantha sans hubby. It's a darrin proposition, but it just might work.

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