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MTV contestants wear personalized T-shirts -- The cast of the ''Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes'' wear T-shirts that reflect their personalities

MTV's Real World/Road Rules Battle of the Sexes never claimed to be anything more than hot bodies competing amidst product placements. Now contestants are branding themselves. RW: Back to New York's Mike, a.k.a. ''The Miz'' (his pro-wrestling alter ego), has his own line of Miz shirts. Rachel, the athletic lesbian from RR: Campus Crawl, advertises everything from her sexuality to her plan of attack (''Revenge of the Ladies'') on homemade tops. RR: Semester at Sea's Veronica wants the world to know, ''I Seem to Have Misplaced My Boyfriend.'' But the award for true honesty goes to Adam, from RW: Paris, who donned a shirt that read, ''I Have No Job. I Have No Money. I Have No Car. But I'm on TV.'' A+

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