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The inside scoop on the ''Dallas'' movie remake -- Here are the details on the big-screen adaptation of the 80's soap opera

If that CBS Dallas reunion special (Nov. 7) made you wistful for the glory days of neckline-plunging, face-slapping entertainment, rejoice! ''J.R., Sue Ellen, Miss Ellie — they're all coming to a big screen near you!'' says screenwriter Robert Harling (Steel Magnolias). Harling, an '80s TV enthusiast — ''Knots Landing was Balanchine, as far as I'm concerned'' — recently met with director Robert Luketic (Legally Blonde) about casting a Dallas movie (tentatively for 2006). He wouldn't comment on rumors that Brad Pitt is an early choice for J.R. But he did give up that his Southfork residents live in a post-Enron world, with J.R. at the helm of Ewing Energy and Lucy Ewing vamping like a Hilton. ''It's Dallas on acid,'' he promises. ''Every woman in the cast is Lady Macbeth and every man is Macbeth.'' Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the original Bobby ''It Was All a Dream'' Ewing has his doubts: ''It's one thing to have a new James Bond,'' says Patrick Duffy. ''But to have to duplicate hundreds of millions of people's [idea] of 'Who is Sue Ellen? Who is Pam? Who is J.R.?' That's a lot to ask an audience to do.'' Because Dallas fans find it so hard to follow twists.

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