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Usher's stylist wants to dress Justin Timberlake -- Tameka Foster-Glover talks about the kind of clothes she would like to see the former member of N'SYNC wear

With Usher's Truth Tour recently wrapped, his stylist, Tameka Foster-Glover, has thoughts on who she'd like to play dress-up with next: Usher rival Justin Timberlake. ''He's so cute and sexy, but he goes for more of the grungy skateboarder style,'' says Foster-Glover, whose high-end sportswear line, Hides & Dungarees, launches this spring. Foster-Glover (who also primps Jay-Z) would like to see J.T. on stage in a slim-fitting Gucci suit in charcoal, paired with a deep-orange shirt. (He is an ''autumn,'' after all.) And he should keep his curly locks short. Otherwise, she says, ''you've got Kris Kristofferson.'' While she's handing out the advice, Foster-Glover has a tip for Timberlake's ex, Britney Spears: ''The pierced-navel-and-crop-top thing is really over.''

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