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Tim McGraw | Mcgraw wants to know, who 'here' wants some of this?
Mcgraw wants to know, who 'here' wants some of this?

''Tim McGraw: Here and Now''

8-9PM Tim McGraw: Here and Now (NBC, TV-G) With Garth Brooks still stuck in semi-retirement, Tim McGraw emerged as the new king of country music in 2004. His year to remember has included a No. 1 album, a crossover hip-hop smash with rapper Nelly, a big-screen debut in the hit Friday Night Lights, and now this, his second TV special, taped on his recent U.S. tour. Also along for the ride: the aforementioned Nelly and McGraw's wife, Faith Hill. ''She's cool,'' he says of working with the missus. ''She's just like one of the guys.'' So what would the ten-gallon hunk like to do for an encore to his best year yet? Perhaps a duet with a certain Boss. ''Bruce Springsteen has to be on top of my [wish] list,'' he says, with a laugh. ''Bruce, if you're reading, let's do a song.'' —Jeremy Helligar

4:30-6:15PM Lost in Translation (STARZ!, TV-R) Cool flick, but didn't you want more of the Not Cameron Diaz and Not Spike Jonze characters?

8-10PM A Walk to Remember (The WB, TV-PG-D) And a movie to forget. Yeah, I know you totally saw that coming, but who can resist the easy shot?

SEASON FINALE 8-10PM The Bachelor (ABC) To the victor goes the spoiled. Byron chooses between Mary and Tanya, neither of whom is that evil (read: interesting). Then from 10-11 p.m., the ex-bachelor and his chosen one make an appearance on a live special where they pretend to be lovey-dovey until their 15 minutes are up. Promises of even more Krysta Katfights and boring footage of Jayne explaining herself than last week's ''The Women Tell All'' jamboree.

8:30-9PM Quintuplets (Fox, TV-14-DS) While it's startling that this is still on, it's equally jarring that Jason Priestley guest stars as Bob's sports agent brother. Just one question: Who's the beggar and who's the chooser?

9-9:30PM The King of Queens (CBS, TV-PG-L) Not that it's all about us, but the episode is titled ''Entertainment Weakly.'' We know a love tap when we see one. C'mere, Kevin James. Give us a big, sloppy wet one.

9-10PM Kelly, Ruben & Fantasia: Home for Christmas (Fox, TV-G) And by home they mean Fox, which owns their souls.

9-10PM Kevin Hill (UPN, TV-PG-DL) A woman sues another for stealing her fiancé. Hey, wasn't there a similar case on Ally McBeal? Let's ask Taye Diggs. He ought to remember.

9-10PM Huff (Showtime, TV-MA-LD) I take back every bad thing I said about the raunchy life as we know it. Okay, most of it, anyway. The 14-year-old on this show does Latin things I'm not allowed to print. (R)

10-10:30PM South Park (Comedy Central) A visiting blond celebrity samples the simple life of South Park, where the fourth grade girls are so excited to see her that they all buy her toy set, which includes a video camera, a night vision filter, play money, and a losable cell phone.

10-10:59PM Law & Order (NBC-14) A jeweler is gunned down on the street. Was it the Russian Mob or the wife he cheated on? If I told you the wife is played by Mercedes Ruehl would that change the odds?

(Additional reporting by Annie Barrett)

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