Charlie Kaufman 1995

Here's Charlie Kaufman's 1995 ''buried treasure'' -- The acclaimed moviemaker first dabbled in TV with quirky sitcoms like ''Depressed Roomies''

Before befuddling and enthralling filmgoers with Being John Malkovich, Charlie Kaufman bided his time in the dark realm of television, working on cult sitcom Get a Life and the Jennifer Aniston-starring sketch show The Edge, which, despite limited success, helped the future Adaptation scribe land a TV development deal with Disney. The result: Depressed Roomies, an absurdist pilot involving grumpy cohabitants scheming to quiet their loud peg-legged neighbor upstairs. Only in Kaufman's brilliantly skewed worldview does dating your roommate's same-sex cousin for free carpets and viewing Sinbad as a romantic sage pass for humor. Not surprisingly, Disney deemed the script inappropriate for TV. So Kaufman went on to Being John Malkovich. Nothing depressing about that.

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