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EW spots style trends in music videos -- New clips by Gwen Stefani, Hilary Duff, and Avril Lavigne spotlight the latest in fashion

Runways may introduce the looks, but nothing makes a trend go supernova like a plug from Missy, Usher, or Gwen (and don't forget Avril, the girl who launched a thousand necktie-and-tank-top combos). Here's a look at the good, bad, and sometimes inexplicable in music-video fashion.

DR. SCHOLL'S POSTER GIRL Gwen Stefani, ''What You Waiting For?'' Stalking through a surreal wonderland with her Harajuku Girls, Stefani rocks in platform shoes that would put her eye-to-eye with Shaq. Not for the shy or weak-ankled, but works in a video fantasy.

GET IT OFF YOUR CHEST AWARD Hilary Duff, ''Fly'' The usually up-to-the-minute Duff sports the two-year-old ''Socialite$'' tee from hot NYC-based line Sophomore. We'd prefer to see her in the more recent ''Too Cool for School'' and ''Avant Garde'' tees, à la Eve and Usher.

HOTTEST HAUTE UPGRADE Franz Ferdinand, ''This Fffire'' The once modestly outfitted Scots have gone chic in second-skin suits from Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme. And the results are, how you say, magnifique.

BEST SIMULTANEOUS MAKEOVER AND -UNDER Avril Lavigne, ''Nobody's Home'' The original Sk8er Girl comes in two new flavors: Sultry Avril (slinky gown, Veronica Lake hair, bejeweled necklaces) and Teen Runaway Avril (grubby high-tops, scraggly Fraggle wig, acid-washed jeans). Collect all three!

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