Stage Review

The Good Body (2004 - 2005)


Details Opening Date: Nov 15, 2004; Lead Performance: Eve Ensler; Writer: Eve Ensler

Radical feminist Eve Ensler travels around the world in this follow-up to 1996's Vagina Monologues, a conquistador on the hunt for why her fatty stomach bothers her so much, exploring the eternal feminine obsession with appearance and what women endure in pursuit of perfection. Kicking off the journey by pulling up her shirt to expose the offending gut, Ensler then channels everyone from Cosmo's brittle Helen Gurley Brown to 74-year-old Leah, who fights for women's rights in Africa. The end collapses into Oprah-esque self-affirmation, but it's hard not to give over to Ensler's honesty and easy humor.

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