Stage Review

The Foreigner (2004 - 2005)


Details Opening Date: Nov 07, 2004; Lead Performance: Matthew Broderick; Writer: Larry Shue

Larry Shue's 1983 farce-by-numbers makes no compelling case for a high-dollar New York revival, but succeeds as an amiable-enough diversion, the Off Broadway equivalent of a Blockbuster night (if you've got the cash for that analogy). Matthew Broderick makes fine use of his loose, Kermit-ish minimalism as an introverted Brit who seeks privacy at a Georgia vacation lodge by pretending to no speaka da English. The ruse works, as his fellow tenants are all sweetly dumb, Dixie stereotypes. Right on cue, the Klan (yes, the Klan) arrives. High jinks ensue, as do memories of high school theater.

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