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A Second Hand Memory (2004)


Details Opening Date: Nov 22, 2004; Lead Performance: Michael McKean; Writer: Woody Allen

Woody Allen riffs on Arthur Miller, with somber results. A Second Hand Memory is a sturdy, musty ode to the great American dysfunction dramas of the '50s, soaked in Allen's trademark resignation about human weakness, yet very stingy with his trademark wit. Gypsy-beatnik Alma (Elizabeth Marvel), long departed to some globe-trotting moral netherworld, narrates/haunts the story of the Brooklyn family she escaped: the thundering, crumbling patriarch (Dominic Chianese), the restless son (Nicky Katt) whose facade of family loyalty is fast-eroding, and their quietly suffering wives (Beth Fowler and Kate Blumberg). All seem a bit catatonic in the headlights of Allen's exactitude (he also directed), so thank goodness for the effortlessness of Michael McKean, who steals the show as Allen's go-tobête noir, the Hollywood big shot.

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