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Yule Love 'Em

The Christmas movies to watch all over again -- Get into the spirit with ''Elf,'' ''Love Actually,'' and other great holiday flicks

Will Ferrell, Elf | SEASON'S LEADINGS ''Elf'' (starring Will Ferrell) jingled our bells
SEASON'S LEADINGS ''Elf'' (starring Will Ferrell) jingled our bells

It just doesn't seem like the holiday season till you've seen certain Christmas movies for the billionth time. To help you get that special feeling, we've pulled together a list of our favorites — the movies that are entertaining enough to balance out the required seasonal sappiness. Find out about our picks on the AMC TV special AMC & Entertainment Weekly Present: Twenty Greatest Holiday Movie Moments (Sun., Dec. 12, 10 p.m.). Or if you want to join the rest of us who revert back to childhood every time Will Ferrell exclaims, ''Santa? I know him!'' — then click through our recommendations on the following pages.

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