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Fashion designers are releasing coffee-table books -- Tom Ford, Caroline Herrera and Donna Karan's tomes allow them to showcase their designs

Allow us to introduce a new literary genre: book couture. For fashion worshippers reluctant to actually read (and risk a furrowed brow?!) come a slew of glossy coffee-table books filled with fashion spreads of the famous and beautiful. Designers Tom Ford and Carolina Herrera have their own tomes, while boutique publishing house Assouline is offering a classy Donna Karan pictorial, as well as a gaudy tribute to music featuring Dolce & Gabbana mannequins like Madonna, Beyoncé, and J. Lo. Says model-turned-author Kelly Killoren Bensimon, whose American Style is Assouline's latest release: ''I think the coffee-table book is a great medium because the format's big.'' Spoken like a true literary lion.

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