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''You Have Bad Taste in Music''

Eman Laerton blasts pop fans for their bad taste -- The mystery man shows up at Justin Timberlake shows and yells at concertgoers for not having better taste in music

Most music snobs' protests go as far as cursing TRL fans on their TV. But the mysterious Eman Laerton (a pseudonym: Read it backwards) is far more proactive. For over a year, this 32-year-old veteran of record-label jobs has marched into the parking lots of concerts by the likes of Justin Timberlake and Hoobastank — clad in a priest robe, Zorro mask, and army helmet—to inform the giddy Top 40-philes through a megaphone: ''You have bad taste in music.''

In these interventions (videotaped for his website,, he cites ''scientific proof'' that the band of the night sucks. But he also offers unique tough love to fans: He gave Adema followers a spelling test of the words hackneyed and inane. Though he's dodged hurled food and curses, he's not afraid of actual violence. ''The music I'm railing against is for the cliché 'bad boys,''' says Laerton. ''They're just suburban kids trying to look like Raider fans.'' Try telling that one to Ron Artest.

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