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COACHWHIPS mix muddled vox and biting organ arrangements on ''Hey Fanny'' (from the upcoming sophomore LP), and the results are like a honky-tonk hayride gone gloriously amok. NARNACKRECORDS.COM/DOWNLOADS.ASP

Admit it: You secretly love ERASURE'S synth-pop melodies and mushy lyrics. Well, ''Breathe'' deeply—the famed '80s duo have a new album, Nightbird, coming out Jan. 25. ERASUREINFO.COM

The golden days of autumn are ideal for basking in the subdued sound of San Francisco's TARENTEL, who have posted a live version of ''Beat Song'' that, well, can't be beat. TARENTEL.COM/MP3S.HTML

With their echoing guitars and luscious vocals, British rockers VIB GYOR sound like a heavenly hybrid of Coldplay and Sigur Rós. No wonder folks in the U.K. have ''Fallen'' for them. VIB-GYOR.COM/SOUNDS.HTM

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