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Gimme a Break-In: 13 Great On-Screen Heists

The second season of the con-happy ''Leverage'' premieres tonight, so we're getting in the spirit with 13 lusciously larcenous gems, from ''Ocean's Eleven'' to ''The Usual Suspects'' and ''Reservoir Dogs''

The Usual Suspects, Ocean's 11 (Movie - 2001)
Shaobo Qin, Don Cheadle, ... | VAULT-Y LOGIC Clooney, center, with cohorts Cheadle, Qin, and Casey Affleck
VAULT-Y LOGIC Clooney, center, with cohorts Cheadle, Qin, and Casey Affleck

Ocean's Eleven


''Ocean's Eleven'': Why it's a great heist movie

THE SETUP Smooth con Danny Ocean (George Clooney) assembles a diverse group of professional thieves, including partner-in-crime Rusty (Brad Pitt), a boyish pickpocket (Matt Damon), a cockney explosions expert (Don Cheadle), and a Chinese acrobat (Shaobo Qin).

THE JOB Break into the underground vault of three Las Vegas casinos owned by the sleekly dangerous Terry Benedict (Andy Garcia), the beau of Danny's ex-wife Tess (Julia Roberts). Danny hopes to steal back his girl as well as $150 million from Benedict.

THE CATCH The vault is the most heavily guarded area in Sin City, with a security system that supposedly could protect a nuclear missile silo. And Benedict, protective of his assets and his girlfriend, makes sure Danny is watched at all times.

DOES CRIME PAY? Usually, the house wins. This time, it's the audience, and not just because the movie stars two of PEOPLE's Sexiest Men Alive. The plot twists alone are delicious fun.

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