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Star Wars
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The men behind Boba Fett

by Dalton Ross | Oct 05, 2012
Jeremy Bulloch, Dickey Beer, and Daniel Logan donned the Boba suit for ''The Empire Strikes Back'' (1980), ''Return of the Jedi'' (1983), and ''Attack of the Clones'' (2002), respectively Read it

'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' season 5 trailer: -- EXCLUSIVE

by Christian Blauvelt
Maul, Mandalorians, and one angry, lightsaber-wielding Darth Sidious Read it

Feedback: March 2, 2012

Feb 24, 2012
Point-counterpoint on our ''Vampire Diaries'' cover story, the shippers speak, and more Read it



The Phantom Menace

by Marc Bernardin | Oct 19, 2001
The big-screen dud The Phantom Menace finally finds redemption on DVD. Read it ALL ABOUT "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace" 


Book Review

Star Wars books

by Steve Daly | May 26, 1999
Book Review

Star Wars Scrapbook: The Essential Collection

by Steve Daly | Jul 01, 1998


Music Review

Star Wars: Episode 1 -- The Phantom Menace

by Ty Burr | May 21, 1999
Music Review

Soundtrack: Star Wars: Episode I -- The Phantom Menace

by Ty Burr | May 17, 1999

Games + Digital


Star Wars: The Clone Wars

by Gary Eng Walk | Nov 15, 2002
You're in the (clone) army now: Episode II's biggest battle sequence puts gamers on the front lines Read it

Star Wars Bounty Hunter

by Noah Robischon | Nov 15, 2002
Boba's baddie dad gets Star billing in the Jangoistic Bounty Hunter. Read it
We Got Game

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds And Clone Campaigns

by Noah Robischon | Jul 19, 2002

Parents' Guide

by Gary Eng Walk | Jun 21, 2002
'Resident Evil', 'Grand Theft Auto III' and more... Read it

Star Wars Racer Revenge

by Dalton Ross | Mar 08, 2002

Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast

by Dalton Ross | May 24, 2002