Dec 04, 2009

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Cover Story

Remembering Michael Jackson

by Kenny Ortega | Nov 27, 2009
Kenny Ortega talks about working with the King of Pop Read it
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Feedback from our readers

Nov 27, 2009
Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn't, on ''Twilight,'' ''Fringe,'' and more Read it



by John Young | Nov 27, 2009
Courteney Cox, James Van Der Beek, and Justin Bieber were in the news the week of November 27 Read it


30 gifts for your fave 'character'

by Archana Ram | Dec 16, 2009
Got someone on your list who's ''just like the 'Big Bang' guys'' or is ''so Marshall and Lily''? We know exactly what to get them! Read it

Binge Thinking

Diablo Cody's Best of 2009

by Diablo Cody | Nov 27, 2009
Our columnist on her likes (''Jon and Kate'') and dislikes (Twitter spam) from the year in pop culture Read it

Book Article

Remembering Frank McCourt

by Mary Karr | Nov 27, 2009
Mary Karr talks about being inspired by her fellow memoirist Read it

Remembering John Updike

by Tom Perrotta | Nov 27, 2009
Tom Perrotta talks about the fellow novelist's impact on the literary world Read it

Basketball guru Bill Simmons on his new book

by Jeff Labrecque | Nov 27, 2009
The author says ''The Book of Basketball'' is both a hoops history and a personal memoir Read it

Famous words from dead novelists

by Dominick Dunne, E. Lynn Harris, Budd Schulberg | Nov 27, 2009
Excerpts from Budd Schulberg, E. Lynn Harris, and Dominick Dunne Read it

Book Review


by Lisa Schwarzbaum | Nov 24, 2009

Memoirs of a Midget

by Keith Staskiewicz | Nov 24, 2009

West Coast Blues

by Ken Tucker | Nov 24, 2009

Village of the Ghost Bears

by Tina Jordan | Nov 24, 2009

Best Food Writing 2009

by Adam Markovitz | Nov 24, 2009

Cover Story

Remembering Michael Jackson

by Kenny Ortega | Nov 27, 2009
Kenny Ortega talks about working with the King of Pop Read it

Hit List

Scott Brown's Hit List

by Scott Brown | Nov 27, 2009
The 10 hottest topics for the week of November 27, 2009 Read it

Movie Article

Jeff Bridges and Gabourey Sidibe make Oscar interesting

by Dave Karger | Nov 27, 2009
We cover the Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Documentary races Read it

'New Moon' leaves Hollywood wanting more

by Nicole Sperling | Nov 27, 2009
In wake of the ''Twilight'' sequel's success, movie execs are looking for the next big thing Read it

'New Moon''s breakout beauties and beasts

by Nicole Sperling | Nov 27, 2009
Ashley Greene and Anna Kendrick are attracting fans of their own Read it

Remembering John Hughes

by Matthew Broderick | Nov 27, 2009
Matthew Broderick talks about the private side of the late director Read it

Remembering Farrah Fawcett

by Jaclyn Smith | Nov 27, 2009
Jaclyn Smith talks about the allure of her ''Charlie's Angels'' co-star Read it

Remembering Dom DeLuise

by Joan Rivers | Nov 27, 2009
Joan Rivers talks about the comedian's crazy ways Read it

Ron Silver: Actor/activist

by Alan Dershowitz | Nov 27, 2009
Alan Dershowitz talks about being portrayed by the activist/actor Read it

Remembering Karl Malden

by Michael Douglas | Nov 27, 2009
Michael Douglas talks about being mentored by the longtime actor Read it

Remembering Patrick Swayze

by C. Thomas Howell | Nov 27, 2009
C. Thomas Howell talks about his ''Outsiders'' co-star Read it

Remembering Natasha Richardson

by Alan Cumming | Nov 27, 2009
Alan Cumming talks about his ''Cabaret'' co-star Read it

Remembering Patrick McGoohan

by Mel Gibson | Nov 27, 2009
Mel Gibson talks about his first meeting with TV's original ''Prisoner'' Read it

Maurice Jarre: Movie composer

by Peter Weir | Nov 27, 2009
Director Peter Weir talks about working with the famous composer Read it

Remembering Army Archerd

by Liz Smith | Nov 27, 2009
Liz Smith talks about the showbiz columnists famous works Read it

Remembering David Carradine

by Keith Carradine | Nov 27, 2009
Keith Carradine talks about his brother's creative talent Read it

Movie Review

The Princess and the Frog

by Lisa Schwarzbaum | Dec 18, 2009

The Road

by Owen Gleiberman | Nov 24, 2009

Old Dogs

by Lisa Schwarzbaum | Nov 24, 2009

The Private Lives of Pippa Lee

by Lisa Schwarzbaum | Nov 24, 2009

Me and Orson Welles

by Owen Gleiberman | Nov 24, 2009

Ninja Assassin

by Chris Nashawaty | Nov 24, 2009

The Missing Person

by Lisa Schwarzbaum | Nov 24, 2009


by Owen Gleiberman | Nov 24, 2009


by Owen Gleiberman | Nov 24, 2009

Movie on DVD Review

Julie & Julia

by Chris Nashawaty | Nov 24, 2009

Music Article

Taylor Swift: Entertainer of the month

by Adam Markovitz | Nov 27, 2009
The ''Fearless'' musician hosted ''SNL'' and nabbed five AMAs Read it

Les Paul: Guitar giant

by Richie Sambora | Nov 27, 2009
Richie Sambora talks about being influenced by the guitar legend Read it

Vegas Legend Danny Gans

by Donny Osmond | Nov 27, 2009
Donny Osmond on the Vegas performer's never-ending drive Read it

Remembering Mary Travers

by Emily Saliers | Nov 27, 2009
Emily Saliers of the Indigo Girls talks about her folk inspiration Read it

Remembering Ellie Greenwich

by Keri Hilson | Nov 27, 2009
Keri Hilson talks about the singer-songwriter's ability to cross genres Read it

Music Review

Just Like You

by Michael Slezak | Nov 28, 2009

I Dreamed a Dream

by Mikael Wood | Nov 28, 2009


by Leah Greenblatt | Nov 28, 2009

The Live Anthology

by Simon Vozick-Levinson | Nov 28, 2009

Stir the Blood

by Melissa Maerz | Nov 28, 2009

News Article

Superheroes on Broadway

by Tanner Stransky | Nov 27, 2009
Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig (a.k.a. Wolverine and James Bond) are giving the shirts off their back for charity Read it

The latest news from Hollywood

Nov 27, 2009
''The Good Wife'' and ''FlashForward'' were in the news this week Read it

Photo Gallery

AMAs '09: Performance grades

by Leah Greenblatt | Nov 24, 2009
We rate every American Music Awards act that took the mic, from Janet to Gaga to Rihanna to Adam See photos

The must-see 'Amazing Race' finale

Nov 27, 2009
We're clambering to see the 'Amazing Race' finale on CBS See photos

Sound Bites

Sound Bites: This week's best TV quotes

Nov 27, 2009
TV's funniest lines from November 16 to November 22 Read it

Stage Review


by Thom Geier | Nov 23, 2009


by Tanner Stransky | Nov 27, 2009


by Melissa Rose Bernardo | Nov 27, 2009

TV Article

Finding The Next Oprah Winfrey

by Lynette Rice | Nov 27, 2009
Ellen DeGeneres, Dr. Oz, and other possible replacements for the Daytime Queen Read it

Style Hunter: You liked it? Here's how to get it!

Nov 27, 2009
Where you can find Lagy Gaga's ''Bad Romance'' sunglasses, Cam and Mitchell's coffee mugs from ''Modern Family,'' and more Read it

Remembering Walter Cronkite

by Katie Couric | Nov 27, 2009
Katie Couric talks about the legendary newsman's dedication to journalism Read it

Soupy Sales: Pie-hurling comedian

by Alice Cooper | Nov 27, 2009
Alice Cooper talks about his pie-in-the-face experience with the funnyman Read it

Remembering Bea Arthur

by Betty White | Nov 27, 2009
Betty White talks about her on-set hysterics with her fellow ''Golden Girl'' Read it

David Lloyd: Veteran sitcom writer

by Christopher Lloyd | Nov 27, 2009
Christopher Lloyd, one of the creators of ''Modern Family,'' talks about his father's sitcom writing legacy Read it

Remembering Ed McMahon

by Brad Garrett | Nov 27, 2009
Brad Garrett talks about his ''Star Search'' experience with the famous personality Read it

Don Hewitt: '60 Minutes' honcho

by Christiane Amanpour | Nov 27, 2009
Christiane Amanpour talks about the TV show host Read it

Ricardo Montalban: 'Fantasy Island' star

by Robert Rodriguez | Nov 27, 2009
Robert Rodriguez talks about what he learned from the Latino TV star Read it

Remembering Paul Harvey

by Glenn Beck | Nov 27, 2009
Glenn Beck talks about the famous broadcaster Read it

Larry Gebart: 'M*A*S*H' creator

by Aaron Sorkin | Nov 27, 2009
Aaron Sorkin talks about the TV show maker's comedy legacy Read it

EW's holiday-movie-cliche checklist

by Dan Snierson | Nov 27, 2009
We size up this year's made-for-TV movies like ''A Dog Named Christmas,'' ''The Three Gifts,'' and more Read it

TV Review


by Ken Tucker | Nov 24, 2009

The Ausiello Files

The Ausiello Files: Dec. 4, 2009

by Michael Ausiello | Nov 27, 2009
EW's TV scooper on ''House,'' ''Smallville,'' and ''Chuck'' Read it

The Bullseye

The bullseye: December 4, 2009

Nov 27, 2009
''Lost,'' J. Lo, and Carrie Underwood made pop culture news this week Read it

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