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Oprah Abandons Us

by Lynette Rice | Dec 16, 2011
In a year of TV farewells, the Big O's goodbye left perhaps the biggest hole in our hearts (and DVRs, bookshelves, garages...) Read it

Emmys 2011: Broad humor steals the show

by Karen Valby | Dec 16, 2011
The storming of the Emmy stage by the best actress in a comedy nominees added an exclamation point to a banner year for female comedians Read it

'Spider-Man' as webslinger? Cool. Web singer? Not so much.

by Adam Markovitz | Dec 16, 2011
After serious injuries, numerous delays, and a record 183 preview performances, the musical ''Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark'' finally opened on Broadway. Here are five lessons learned from Spidey's saga Read it

The Charlie Sheen board game!

by Dan Snierson | Dec 16, 2011
On Sept. 26, Charlie Sheen finally settled his lawsuit over being fired from ''Two and a Half Men.'' It was but one big moment in an eventful year for the actor. To experience it for yourself, play our warlock-approved Charlie Sheen board game Read it

Rebecca Black: Why?

by Melissa Maerz | Dec 16, 2011
She may have started off as a joke, but the 14-year-old had the last laugh in 2011 after her head-scratching success Read it

'Once Upon' an awesome Fall TV season

by James Hibberd | Dec 16, 2011
The Oct. 23 premiere of ''Once Upon a Time'' was just one stellar debut among an eclectic crop of new shows that truly offered something for everyone Read it

Oscars 2012: Billy Crystal to the rescue!

by Keith Staskiewicz | Dec 16, 2011
The Academy broke out the Crystal after Oscar host Eddie Murphy and producer Brett Ratner stepped aside amid controversy Read it

An open letter to Kim Kardashian

by Jessica Shaw | Dec 16, 2011
A few gentle suggestions for the reality starlet in 2012 Read it

In memoriam

Dec 16, 2011
More late greats, including Nate Dogg, Ryan Dunn, James Arness, Sylvia Robinson, and more Read it

Book Article

SoundBites 2011: Fiction

Dec 16, 2011
Most memorable lines from George R.R. Martin, Ann Patchett, and more Read it

SoundBites 2011: Nonfiction

Dec 16, 2011
Most memorable lines from Diane Keaton, Levi Johnston, and more Read it

DVD Article

5 best (and 3 worst) DVDs of 2011

by Chris Nashawaty | Dec 16, 2011
Praise for new editions of old classics, including of ''Star Wars,'' ''Taxi Driver,'' and ''Blow Out.'' New films like ''Big Mommas'' and ''Justin Bieber: Never Say Never'' didn't fare so well Read it

Editor's Note

Editor's note: Dec. 23, 2011

by Jess Cagle | Dec 16, 2011
Jess Cagle names his picks for ''2011: The Good, The Bad, And The Scary,'' from Kim Kardashian to Kermit, Daniel Radcliffe to Charlie Sheen, and everything between Read it

Movie Article

SoundBites 2011: Movies

Dec 16, 2011
The most memorable lines from ''Harry Potter,'' ''Bridesmaids,'' and more Read it

Music Article

10 best (and 5 worst) singles of 2011

Dec 16, 2011
Love for Nicki Minaj, Britney Spears, and Kelly Clarkson. Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus? Not so much Read it

SoundBites 2011: Music

Dec 16, 2011
Memorable lines from Taylor Swift, Jo Calderone (a.k.a. Lady Gaga), Rebecca Black, and more Read it

News Article

10 best stage productions of '11

by Thom Geier, Aubry D'Arminio | Dec 16, 2011
This year's best from ''The Book of Mormon'' to ''War Horse,'' plus four breakout stars Read it

Photo Gallery: Best & Worst 2011

Books 2011: 10 best in nonfiction

by EW Staff | Dec 28, 2011
Lives of Pauline Kael and Steve Jobs, memoir by Roger Ebert, riffs by Tina Fey -- and our No. 1 See photos

15 breakout stars of 2011

by EW Staff | Dec 24, 2011
Michael Fassbender, Shailene Woodley, Foster the People, and more who made big impressions this year See photos

Best (and worst) TV of 2011

by Ken Tucker | Dec 26, 2011
Ken Tucker presents his honor roll of 10 great shows this year -- and five to pull the plug on See photos

Books 2011: Best (and worst) fiction

Dec 29, 2011
''The Submission,'' ''Swamplandia,'' ''Tiger's Wife,'' more keepers. Plus: Five we'd have shelved See photos

10 best albums of 2011

by Melissa Maerz | Dec 26, 2011
Adele, Florence + the Machine, Demi Lovato, and seven more on our list -- see how we rank 'em! See photos

2011: The Year that Was

by EW Staff | Dec 29, 2011
Relive 12 months of big voices (Adele), images (Kate and William), and mishaps (Charlie?! Lindsay?!) See photos

Photo Gallery: Best of 2011

10 best movies of '11: Owen's list

by Owen Gleiberman | Dec 23, 2011
EW critic picks his favorite films of the year -- and the five worst he saw in the past 12 months See photos

10 best movies of '11: Lisa's list

by Lisa Schwarzbaum | Dec 23, 2011
EW's critic picks her favorite films of the year -- and the five worst she saw in the past 12 months See photos

Photo Gallery

Late greats '11: Stars pay tribute

Dec 29, 2011
Elton John on Elizabeth Taylor; Arnold Schwarzenegger on Jack LaLanne; Seth Macfarlane on Patrice O'Neal; more See photos

TV Article

SoundBites 2011: TV

Dec 16, 2011
The most memorable lines from ''Desperate Housewives,'' ''New Girl,'' ''Modern Family,'' and more Read it

Our favorite commercials of the year

by Stephan Lee | Dec 16, 2011

Our favorite (and least favorite) episodes of 2011

Dec 16, 2011
Kudos for ''The Good Wife'' and ''Game of Thrones,'' scorn for ''Kim's Fairytale Wedding'' and ''The Killing'' Read it

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