Feb 24, 2012

Issue #1195

Cover Story

Whitney Houston: 1963-2012

by Melissa Maerz | Feb 07, 2014
The mega-talented supernova, who died suddenly last week, leaves behind a rich and complicated legacy. An EW tribute to pop-music royalty Read it
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Oscars 2012: The winners will be...

by Dave Karger | Feb 17, 2012
The wait is nearly over. Will the Academy raise a loud cheer for the silent film ''The Artist''? We say yes. Read on for all our Oscar predictions Read it

The perfect Oscar Sunday

by Adam Markovitz | Feb 17, 2012
Here's what to do, watch, and wear to make your Feb. 26 a fabulous one Read it

Whitney Houston: Her 25 best songs

by Kyle Anderson, Henry Goldblatt, Leah Greenblatt, Ray Rahman | Feb 17, 2012
One of the most singular, spectacular voices in the history of pop music has been silenced. But we still have her songs — below, the ultimate Whitney Houston playlist Read it

Whitney Houston: A filmography

by Sara Vilkomerson | Feb 17, 2012
The upcoming remake ''Sparkle'' will mark Houston's final big-screen performance. Here's a look back at the pop diva's forays into acting Read it

Whitney Houston: The unforgettable moments

by Kyle Anderson | Feb 17, 2012
From church-choir soloist to teen model to international superstar — EW revisits the highs and lows of an incredible, indelible life Read it

Justin Theroux: It's time you got to know him

by Josh Rottenberg | Feb 17, 2012
He stars in the new comedy ''Wanderlust.'' He wrote ''Tropic Thunder.'' He dates Jennifer Aniston Read it

Oscars 2012: How I'm voting

by Anthony Breznican, Benjamin Svetkey | Feb 17, 2012
We asked four high-profile Academy members to tell us, anonymously, who's getting their votes and why. Their answers may surprise you Read it

The ballad of Sinéad O'Connor

by Melissa Maerz | Feb 17, 2012
The outspoken songstress has run the gauntlet of breakups, breakdowns, and tabloid takedowns. She nearly took her own life. Bowed but not broken, she emerges from the ashes with her best album in years Read it


Monitor: Feb. 24, 2012

by Grady Smith | Feb 17, 2012
Katy Perry and Russell Brand finalize split, Halle Berry continues custody war, and more Read it

Big week for baby news

by Grady Smith | Feb 17, 2012
Step aside, Suri. Some of the biggest recent headlines have come from other buzzed-about celebrity offspring Read it

Book Article

5 fabulous kids' book apps

by Stephan Lee | Feb 17, 2012
Your kids can't keep their adorable little paws off your iPad, so you might as well give them some age-appropriate fun. Here's a handful of highly interactive apps that will delight and challenge even the youngest book lovers Read it

What I'm reading now: Stephen King

by Stephen King | Feb 17, 2012
The author shares what's on his shelf Read it

Books: Feb. 24, 2012

Feb 17, 2012
New paperback editions from Susan Conley, Rachel Simon, Meg Wolitzer, and more Read it

Book Review


by Keith Staskiewicz | Feb 15, 2012
Adam Wilson Read it

Diary of a Mad Fat Girl

by Sara Vilkomerson | Feb 15, 2012

Wild Thing

by Keith Staskiewicz | Feb 23, 2012

The Accidental Feminist

by Lisa Schwarzbaum | Feb 23, 2012

Immortal Bird

by Tina Jordan | Feb 23, 2012

Cover Story

Whitney Houston: 1963-2012

by Melissa Maerz | Feb 07, 2014
The mega-talented supernova, who died suddenly last week, leaves behind a rich and complicated legacy. An EW tribute to pop-music royalty Read it

DVD Article

The most overrrated Best Picture winners

by Chris Nashawaty | Feb 17, 2012
To celebrate Oscar season, we offer our second annual list of movies that our DVD critic believes didn't deserve the gold Read it

DVDs: Feb. 24, 2012

by Chris Nashawaty | Feb 17, 2012
Reviews of the latest films to hit stores, including ''Martha Marcy May Marlene,'' ''Tower Heist,'' and more Read it

Hollywood Insider

Oscar's got an eye on the Groundlings

by Adam B. Vary | Feb 17, 2012
Several of this year's Academy Award nominees have more than their nod in common -- they got their start in a Los Angeles comedy theater group Read it

Movie Article

Secrets of the 'Amazing Spider-Man' trailer

by Darren Franich | Feb 17, 2012
The trailer for July's web-swinging reboot features an extended look at Spidey's new nemesis and some hints about the hero's mysterious past. Here's a guide to the newest revelations Read it

We're dying for you to see 'The Cabin In The Woods'

by Clark Collis | Feb 17, 2012
The ingenious horror flick doesn't open until April, but we didn't want you to hear about it from anybody else Read it

Navy SEALs show Hollywood how it's done

by Rob Brunner | Feb 17, 2012
Who's the toughest of them all? ''Act of Valor,'' a new movie starring real live SEALs on a fictional antiterrorism mission, hopes to answer that question once and for all. Inside an unlikely adventure Read it

Movie Review

The Vow

by Lisa Schwarzbaum | Feb 21, 2012

Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace 3D

by Owen Gleiberman | Feb 17, 2012

This Means War

by Lisa Schwarzbaum | Feb 24, 2012


by Owen Gleiberman | Feb 21, 2012

Thin Ice

by Owen Gleiberman | Feb 21, 2012

Kill List

by Owen Gleiberman | Feb 21, 2012

The Secret World of Arrietty

by Lisa Schwarzbaum | Feb 21, 2012

Movie on Blu-ray Review

Anatomy of a Murder

by Chris Nashawaty | Feb 23, 2012

Music Article

Predicting the next big hits

by Kyle Anderson, Ray Rahman | Feb 17, 2012
Radio programmers across the country tell us about the songs -- from big stars and new names alike -- you'll be loving this year Read it

Say my name: A narcissist's playlist

by Leah Greenblatt | Feb 17, 2012
Sometimes an artist finds it helpful to remind you who you're listening to by putting their name at the beginning of a song. And then also in the chorus. And then maybe one more time. Below, a few of our all-time favorite self-shout-outs Read it

Albums: Feb. 24, 2012

Feb 17, 2012
Reviews of new releases from Band of Skulls and Chip Tha Ripper Read it

Three rounds with...Dierks Bentley

by Melissa Maerz | Feb 17, 2012
The Nashville star, 36, already has two smash singles from his new album, ''Home,'' released Feb. 7 -- but he wasn't always a country-music fan. Over beers (for him) and whiskey (for us), Bentley talks Whitesnake, Waylon Jennings, hernias, and heartbreak Read it

Singles: Feb. 24, 2012

Feb 17, 2012
Reviews of new songs from Nicki Minaj, Tom Jones, and more Read it

Music Review

Reign of Terror

by Melissa Maerz | Mar 01, 2012

How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?

by Mikael Wood | Feb 24, 2012

Some Nights

by Ray Rahman | Feb 15, 2012

Voice of Ages

by Mikael Wood | Feb 15, 2012

News + Notes

The night's burning questions -- answered!

by Lynette Rice | Feb 17, 2012
Who wrote LL Cool J's opening speech? Why didn't Lady Gaga perform? Why so much Sir Paul? We asked Jack Sussman, CBS' executive vice president of specials, music, and live events, to answer some of our nagging queries Read it

Hit List: Feb. 24, 2012

by Dan Snierson | Feb 17, 2012
''Bachelor'' star Jake Pavelka heads to Vegas, Gary Busey files for bankruptcy, and more Read it

Grading the Grammys

by Kyle Anderson, Ray Rahman | Feb 17, 2012
Adele blew us away. But the night's other performers also offered up plenty of high — and low — notes Read it

Photo Gallery: Oscars 2012

Oscars: Who'll win (and who SHOULD)

by Dave Karger | Feb 24, 2012
Dave Karger predicts who'll take home statues in key categories on Sunday -- and who he'd vote for See photos

TV Article

What did you do today?

by Tanner Stransky | Feb 17, 2012
The senior executive producer at ''Extra'' and ''Dr. Drew's Lifechangers,'' Gregorisch-Dempsey also develops potential new shows for Warner Bros. (which shares a parent company with EW). Here's how she juggled all her duties on a recent Tuesday Read it

SoundBites: Feb. 24, 2012

Feb 17, 2012
Notable quotables from ''Happy Endings,'' ''Fashion Police,'' and more Read it

A farewell to ''House''

by Ken Tucker | Feb 17, 2012
The long-running medical drama will sign off for good at the end of this season. Here's why we'll miss this beloved curmudgeon Read it

The greatest interview in the history of showbiz

by Dalton Ross | Feb 17, 2012
On Feb. 19, a new batch of quasi-famous faces (including Clay Aiken, Tia Carrere, and George Takei) will begin their fight for the right to be hired (but not really) by Donald Trump on ''The Celebrity Apprentice.'' We spoke to the Donald to get his always unbiased take on the franchise Read it

TV Review

The River

by Ken Tucker | Feb 23, 2012

The Final Cut

Loving 'The Voice,' so over 'Idol'

by Mark Harris | Feb 17, 2012
Could it be any clearer that one show is about talent and hope, and the other's about desperation and false theatrics? This is why ''Ido''l should be looking over its shoulder Read it

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