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The Pop of King

Stephen King: Do vampires right!

''Salem's Lot'' author's strong stance on bloodsuckers in intro to ''American Vampire'' -- read it here first!

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The best literary villains ever

EW's pop culture columnist picks the characters in books that work best when they're doing their worst

20 reliable rentals

When EW's columnist tires of summer-movie bombast, in ''Blair Witch,'' ''Die Hard,'' ''1941,'' and more he trusts

6 must-reads for summer 2010

Stephen King recommends Stieg Larsson's Millennium trilogy and five more standout books

The top 10 films of 2009

Stephen King lists his favorites from the 2009, featuring disaster, aliens, and war

2009's top 10 books

Take it from your Uncle Stevie -- book lovers on your shopping list will thank you for any of these rockin' reads

How 'Armageddon' anticipated the BP crisis

Stephen King on Bruce Willis, the only man who can stop the oil spill

King on the Kindle and the iPad

Our columnist likes e-readers, but doesn't think anything will ever replace books

The most obnoxious TV commercial. Ever.

Stephen King on ShoeDini

Stephen King on the 'Blood's a Rover' audiobook

EW's columnist thinks Craig Wasson's reading of James Ellroy's novel is majestic

The trouble with Oscar

Stephen King talks about why it's hard to love movies and also love the Academy Awards

Just say no to 'The Jay Leno Show'

The EW columnist likes Jay Leno personally, but thinks the end of the NBC's 10 p.m. experiment is good for the future of television

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