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Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' 'Idol': 10 under-the-radar successes
by Michael Slezak | May 18, 2010

Everyone knows about Kelly, Carrie, and Daughtry; here are some alums who've done great with far less fanfare

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' 13 worst 'Idol' performances ever
by Michael Slezak | May 04, 2010

Some ''Idol'' moments leave us crying with joy, but these catastrophes had us sobbing for different reasons

Photo Gallery 13 most awkward 'Idol' mentor moments
by Kate Ward | Apr 26, 2010

What do you get when you ask recording legends to bestow advice on inexperienced wannabes? Cringe-worthy TV!

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' Adam Lambert: 13 outrageous outfits
by Michael Slezak | Apr 12, 2010

Leather and spikes and guyliner, oh my! We track season 8 runner-up's style evolution in past year

Photo Gallery 'Idol': 20 songs we'd ban!
by Michael Slezak | Mar 29, 2010

From the overplayed ''I Have Nothing,'' to the always unsuccessful ''Heat Wave'' -- please, no more!

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' 13 'Idol' faves: Where are they now?
Mar 22, 2010

Find out who's pregnant, who's getting naked (in public!), and who just filmed a part in a Farrelly Bros. movie

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' 'Idol': Tips for top 12
by Michael Slezak | Mar 15, 2010

Big Mike's dance moves. Crystal's stoicism. Lacey's Boca-seniors chic. Our advice to help finalists stick around

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' 'Idol': Lucky as a lead-in?
by Tanner Stransky, Michael Slezak | Mar 08, 2010

Fox's hit gifts a big audience to shows after it; see what hit (''Glee''!) and made viewers flee (''Life on a Stick''?!)

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' 'Idol': 18 dream theme nights!
by Michael Slezak | Oct 15, 2009

We've had it with disco, Motown, and ''Songs from the Year You Were Born''! See new ideas, vote for your fave!

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' 'American Idol': Meet the top 24!
by Michael Slezak | Feb 19, 2010

Season 9 has come down to two dozen singers trying to claim Kris Allen's crown and sash. Get to know 'em all before voting begins on Tuesday night!

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' 'Idol' grads: 9 you MUST hear!
by Michael Slezak | Feb 12, 2010

''Idol'' alums have made some great music that's still under the radar; stream these hits-in-waiting!

Photo Gallery 'Idol': 15 'Hollywood Week' classics
by Michael Slezak | Feb 05, 2010

Counting down the unforgettable stories that have made the show's ''Hell Week'' downright heavenly

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' 'Idol': 10 classic 'bad' auditions
by Michael Slezak | Jan 25, 2010

Cluelessly tuneless or knowingly outrageous -- here are the tryouts you say left you howling with laughter

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' 'Idol': 25 you see as 'new Simon'
Jan 14, 2010

Irreplaceable? Pshaw. When we asked you who could fill Mr. Cowell's chair, possibilities seemed endless

Photo Gallery 28 top tunes from 'Idol' grads
Dec 30, 2009

Our playlist pulls together awesome songs recorded by favorites from the show's first eight seasons

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' Adam Lambert: 8 new portraits!
by Adam B. Vary | Dec 16, 2009

Bonus setups from EW photo shoot! Plus: He talks coming out, tour, and HIS entertainer and TV show of the year

Photo Gallery: 'American Idol' Adam Lambert's 'FYE': Track by track
by Michael Slezak | Nov 23, 2009

Michael Slezak's take on the peaks (''Music Again'') and some missteps (''Aftermath'') of ''Idol'' fave's debut

Photo Gallery 'Idol': Where are they now?
Oct 14, 2009

What are Elliott Yamin, Bo Bice, and Melinda Doolittle up to? The scoop on 14 contestants' post-show lives

Photo Gallery 'Idol': Season 8's greatest hits!
by Michael Slezak | Oct 15, 2009

Our playlist of 25 ace performances from Adam, Allison, Kris, Danny, Anoop, Jesse (naturally!), and more

Photo Gallery 'Idol': The poetry of Paula Abdul
by Kate Ward | Mar 12, 2009

In tribute to departing ''Idol'' judge, we remember some of her best sound bites as inspirational free verse

Photo Gallery 'American Idol': 10 best makeovers
by Michael Slezak | Apr 10, 2009

From audition ''eek!'' to finals chic, we look at 10 ''Idol'' fashion ''journeys'' with decidedly happy endings

Pop Style: Photo Gallery 'Idol' style: All-time best/worst
by Tanner Stransky, Michael Slezak | Mar 30, 2009

From Clay Aiken to Carrie Underwood, 12 big fashion hits and 12 wildly off-key misses from seasons 1 to 7

American Idol 2009: Photo Gallery 'Idol': 11 most awkward mentor moments
by Kate Ward | Mar 23, 2009

What do you get when legendary recording artists meet aspiring American Idols? Cringe-worthy TV!

'American Idol': Photo Gallery 'Idol': Our advice for top 13
by Michael Slezak | Mar 09, 2009

We eye strengths and weaknesses of season 8's contenders -- and suggest songs we'd love to hear 'em try


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