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Photo Gallery 'Idol': 11 shocking flameouts!
by Michael Slezak | Feb 20, 2009

Would-be front-runners who tripped up on wonky song choices, fashion missteps, and vocal deficiencies

'American Idol': Photo Gallery 'Idol': New tunes from 14 old faves?
by Kate Ward | Feb 26, 2009

See what David Cook, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry, and more ''Idol'' alums have in the works

Photo Gallery 'Idol': Smart/dumb song choices
by Mandi Bierly, Tanner Stransky, Kate Ward | Feb 09, 2009

Like Simon says, song choice can make or break any 'Idol'; see just how true that can be!

American Idol 2009 'Idol' tryouts: 13 you loved
Feb 05, 2008

See the favorites and unexpected underdogs you put in the ''American Idol'' Audition Hall of Fame

Photo Gallery 'Idol': 12 songs we want banned!
by Michael Slezak | Jan 06, 2009

With the show's return next week, here are our dirty dozen of tunes we never want to hear on ''Idol'' again

Photo Gallery 'Idol': How you'd improve it
Dec 30, 2008

Here are YOUR suggestions on how to make the next ''Idol'' season better

American Idol 2008 'Idol': David Cook's journey
by Michael Slezak | May 21, 2008

Reinventing Mariah, his hairdo, and more: Relive the ups and downs of the season 7 winner

American Idol 2008 'Idol': David Archuleta's journey
by Dawnie Walton | May 21, 2008

The magic of ''Imagine,'' the hubbub over his dad, and more: Relive the ups and downs of the season 7 runner-up

Photo Gallery Our advice for the ''American Idol'' top 12
by Michael Slezak | Mar 12, 2007

Get edgier, Jordin! Trash the stupid hats, Blake! From styling to song choice, we offer suggestions to the finalists

Photo Gallery Past ''Idol'' stars: Where are they now?
Apr 12, 2006

What ever happened to Trenyce? Mario Vazquez? We catch up with a few of your favorites

Photo Gallery Reader picks: Your dream ''Idol'' guest coaches
Feb 27, 2007

On the EW.com PopWatch blog, we asked you which stars would make the best mentors -- here are your suggestions


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