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TV Recap 'Lost' recap: The measure of the man
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 03, 2010

Neither Sideways Sayid nor Island Sayid can escape the pull of the dark side; Fake Locke takes the Temple

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': Go ask 'Alice'
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 02, 2010

Doc Jensen connects the dots between the show's Lewis Carroll references -- for a fuller picture of Jacob/MIB?

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: Mirror image
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 24, 2010

Jack's Sideways life echoes his Island life as he continues to wrestle with his daddy issues

TV Review Lost
by Ken Tucker | Feb 24, 2010

Like many fans, I am happy to be lost in Lost . Savoring it, in fact. Locke as…

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost'...in the '80s?
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 22, 2010

Doc Jensen connects the dots between the castaways and...Huey Lewis and the News? Plus: Sawyer, the hero?

TV Article 'Lost''s two worlds
by Jeff Jensen and Dan Snierson | Feb 24, 2010

The castaways are living double lives. Here's where things stand in both.

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: The man with the plan
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 17, 2010

Fake Locke gives us clues to Island mythology (maybe), and we check out Sideways Locke's life

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: Staying connected
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 10, 2010

Kate's Sideways and Island lives keep her tied to Sawyer and Claire, and Sayid returns a little... off

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': 'Kate' expectations
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 08, 2010

Doc Jensen offers 10 thinking points for tonight's ''What Kate Does'' -- a companion to season 2's ''What Kate Did''?

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: What's your worldview?
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 03, 2010

The season 6 premiere addresses both reboot enthusiasts and opponents, and even has a few answers

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': Let's talk about '6'!
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 01, 2010

Doc Jensen convenes the EW ''Lost'' fan club to share hopes and dreams on the cusp of the final season

Cover Story 'Lost': A sneak peek at the final season
by Jeff Jensen | Jan 29, 2010

As the ABC drama nears its end, we dig up some intel and catch you up on everything you need to know

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': How it ends (maybe)
by Jeff Jensen | Jan 25, 2010

Doc Jensen explains why he thinks season 6 hinges on Jack and his dad. Plus: Sting's greatest ''Lost'' hits!

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': Redemption song
by Jeff Jensen | Jan 19, 2010

Doc Jensen makes his case that the castaways' journey can be seen as an allegory for addiction recovery

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost' exclusive! New 'Supper' ad!
by Jeff Jensen | Jan 14, 2010

Doc Jensen dissects latest promo image. Plus: How season 6 will end! (Um, theoretically, of course)

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': 28 days to go!
by Jeff Jensen | Jan 04, 2010

Doc Jensen on the time left until the premiere, which reminds him of zombies and...something completely different

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': Caught in a 'Trap'?
by Jeff Jensen | Dec 21, 2009

Doc Jensen considers the Island as ''Mouse Trap.'' Plus: On scene at ''Lost'' Underground Art Project opening

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': The 'M:I 3' connection
by Jeff Jensen | Dec 28, 2009

Doc Jensen shares J.J. Abrams' tale of his big choice around ''Lost'' -- and how it gave rise to Team Darlton

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': 'Framing' the discussion
by Jeff Jensen | Dec 14, 2009

Doc Jensen on where to see a poster that holds two clues to season 6. Plus: New promo clip tonight

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': Daemon seed!
by Jeff Jensen | Dec 07, 2009

Doc Jensen is bedeviled by homonyms. Plus: Crack the hieroglyphic code on new DVD; a chat with ''Big Mouth''

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': Groundhog Day conspiracy?
by Jeff Jensen | Dec 01, 2009

Doc Jensen on meaning of Feb. 2, the ''Letter of Truce,'' a new super-fan chat, and digging into Jacob-Man In Black

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': Reboot anxiety?
by Jeff Jensen | Nov 24, 2009

Doc Jensen checks in with advice for fans sweating Jughead, a season 6 status report, a super-fan chat, and more

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': Juliet's Odyssey
by Jeff Jensen | May 19, 2009

Doc Jensen's post-finale thoughts focus on the woman who may foretell the essential storyline for season 6

Doc Jensen on 'Lost' 'Lost': Going out with a bang?
by Jeff Jensen | May 12, 2009

Doc Jensen previews ''The Incident,'' a season-ender he hopes will be a blast, no matter what Jack does


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