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'Lost' Photo Galleries

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': Catching up with the cast
by Dan Snierson | May 20, 2011

What Matthew Fox, Josh Holloway, Elizabeth Mitchell, and Co. are up to a year after signing off

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': 12 tributes in haiku
Aug 31, 2010

We recently asked you to wax poetic about your favorite Island characters for a sweet prize; here are the winners!

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': 17 items up for sale!
by Abby West | Aug 18, 2010

Eko's staff, Charlie's bass guitar, Hurley's winning lotto ticket -- see these and more up for bids at auction

Photo Gallery 'Lost': 12 pop culture touchstones
by Jeff Jensen | Jul 01, 2010

Events (Red Sox' win!), movies (''Star Wars''), TV shows (''Little House on the Prairie'') that echoed on the Island

Photo Gallery 'Lost': 15 you need to read!
by Jeff Jensen | Jun 25, 2010

Still puzzling out the meaning of it all? Doc Jensen lists key books, authors, and literary references with clues

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': YOUR 20 best/worst moments
May 21, 2010

Scenes that made you melt (Desmond-Penny FTW), turn away (Kate-Sawyer in the cages), or both (all of ''Across the Sea'')

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': 30 key deaths
May 18, 2010

Goodbyes that were moving (Juliet), spectacular (Frogurt!), significant (Jacob?!): We honor the Island's fallen

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': 20 scenes that made us cry
by EW Staff | May 21, 2010

Reunions (Rose and Bernard), deaths (Charlie!), and so much in between that sent us hunting for tissues

Photo Gallery 'Lost': Jack and Kate portraits
by Jeff Jensen | Oct 16, 2009

An EW exclusive gallery from our photo shoot with Matthew Fox and Evangeline Lilly on the Island

Photo Gallery Before they got 'Lost'...
by Gary Susman | Oct 19, 2009

Where had you seen the castaways of ABC's hit before? Here's a gallery of their pre-fame roles -- some memorable, and some the stars might want to forget

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': 9 portraits of the 'dead'
by EW Staff | May 10, 2010

Salute the characters/actors we've loved and ''Lost'' over the years, in photos exclusive to EW!

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': 11 collectible EW covers!
May 06, 2010

To celebrate the end of ''Lost,'' we're spotlighting 10 fan faves; see them all here, with info on how to order

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': Who ARE these 13 people?
May 05, 2010

Keep your pre-crash, Island, and Sideways stories straight with our profiles of the major players as series nears end

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': What should cast do next?
May 03, 2010

Josh Holloway in ''True Blood''? Jorge Garcia on ''Big Bang''? Two of your suggestions for actors after Island exit

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': 10 who could be 'Jacob'
Feb 22, 2010

So we now know the Valenzetti Equation numbers each stand for a potential Jacob replacement -- we scout the contenders

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': 15 essential songs
by Jeff Jensen | Jun 28, 2010

From originals (''You All Everybody'') to oldies given new meaning (''Shambala''), the ultimate Island playlist

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost:' 10 burning questions
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 04, 2010

Doc Jensen on the Island's most compelling mysteries -- with comments from execs Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse

Photo Gallery: 'Lost' 'Lost': 10 essential episodes
Jan 27, 2010

Need to catch up on Island lore before Feb. 2? Doc Jensen and a panel of EW experts bring you up to speed

Photo Gallery 'Lost': Season 5 report card
Oct 16, 2009

Doc Jensen reviews each episode, awarding an overall grade and singling out each week's best moment

Photo Gallery 'Lost': How will it all end?
by Jeff Jensen | Oct 20, 2009

Doc Jensen takes a few guesses as to how the story will play out for five castaways when all is said and done

Photo Gallery 'Lost': 12 enduring mysteries
by Jeff Jensen | Oct 16, 2009

Will the season finale answer these? (Don't hold your breath.) But next year's finale had better....

Photo Gallery: Lost 'Lost': 15 must-answer mysteries
by Jeff Jensen | Jul 17, 2009

Doc Jensen asked you for three questions you NEED answered in season 6; Team Darlton, here's the wish list!

Photo Gallery 'Lost': Season 4's 15 best moments
by Jeff Jensen | May 28, 2008

As the season finale looms, Doc Jensen counts down the show's 15 most jaw-dropping events

Photo Gallery 'Lost': Fresh faces of season 4
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 23, 2008

Doc Jensen peeks into the ''Lost'' files for the skinny on all the new characters


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