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'Lost' recaps, Season 5

TV Recap Ep 15: 'Lost' recap: Taking Charge
by Jeff Jensen | May 07, 2009

While Jack tries to be the savior once again, Locke embarks on a mission of his own

TV Recap Ep 14: 'Lost' recap: A twist of fate
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 30, 2009

Faraday's return has extreme consequences for everyone, especially him

TV Recap Ep 13: 'Lost' recap: Rewriting his story
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 15, 2009

While Hurley toys with the idea of changing a major part of geek pop-culture bedrock, Miles takes a step in the direction of affecting his own past when he considers connecting with his father

TV Recap Ep 12: 'Lost' recap: Ben goes to Smokey court
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 09, 2009

Ben gets judged by the monster for letting Alex die, and the roots of the dead-mama's boy's feud with Charles Widmore are revealed

TV Recap Ep 11: 'Lost' recap: Little children
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 02, 2009

We find out what happened to both Aaron and young Ben in this very Kate-centric episode, as Juliet and Jack take stands on the fate of their would-be nemesis

TV Recap Ep 10: 'Lost' recap: A will of their own
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 26, 2009

Doc Jensen dives into the episode that had such trippy time-travel implications that it even gave him pause as he pondered Sayid's stunning decision

TV Recap Ep 9: 'Lost' recap: It pays to have a plan
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 18, 2009

Sawyer continues to take the lead by hiding Jack, Kate, and Hurley in plain sight, and finding a way to keep Sayid alive

TV Recap 'Lost' Recap: Settling Into A Groove
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 05, 2009

The Left Behinders, led by Sawyer, wind up finding their place with the Dharma Initiative folks...at least until they have their big reunion with some old friends

TV Recap Ep 7: 'Lost' recap: It's about the journey
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 26, 2009

John's path from the island, to a coffin, and back to the island again is revealed

TV Recap Ep 6: 'Lost' recap: Keeping the faith
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 18, 2009

After most of them seem to buy the exposition from Ms. Hawking, the Oceanic 6 (minus Aaron) hop a plane and set off to find the Island, where we see Kate, Hurley, and a reborn Jack

TV Recap Ep 5: 'Lost' recap: Married to it
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 11, 2009

We learn more about the ties that bind people to the Island, Rousseau's past, and the Island's secrets, even as we say goodbye to one character

TV Recap Ep 4: 'Lost' recap: Life goes on
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 05, 2009

While Kate fights to keep Aaron, Sawyer and Locke mull the merits of moving forward. Also, Doc Jensen talks to Daniel Dae Kim about last night's revelation

TV Recap Ep 3: 'Lost' recap: Time after time
by Adam B. Vary | Jan 28, 2009

While Faraday tries to save everyone on the island, Desmond's search takes him to Widmore

TV Recap Ep 2: 'Lost' recap: True lies
by Jeff Jensen | Jan 21, 2009

The burden of the Oceanic 6's lie weighs heavily on Hurley, while Sawyer and crew find a new danger on the Island

TV Recap Ep 1: 'Lost' recap: Past, present, and future tense
by Jeff Jensen | Jan 21, 2009

In the season 5 premiere, Ben and Jack join forces, Sayid and Hurley go on the lam, and those left behind deal with a time-jumping island


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