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'Lost' recaps, Season 6

TV Recap 'Lost' finale recap, part one: And in the end...
by Jeff Jensen | May 24, 2010

Jack's journey -- and ours -- draws to a close with an epic tangle of good and evil, faith and reason, and Island and Sideways

TV Recap 'Lost' finale recap, part two: Step into the light
by Jeff Jensen | May 25, 2010

Love, death, redemption, mystery, faith, allegory -- yep, that's the show we've known and loved for six seasons

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: The will and the way... to the end
by Jeff Jensen | May 19, 2010

Jack drinks up, Hurley pays up, and Ben gets beat up in the penultimate episode

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: A boy's best friend is his mother
by Jeff Jensen | May 12, 2010

Every day is Mother's Day for Jacob and the Man In Black

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: Sunk
by Jeff Jensen | May 05, 2010

How to begin the final act of the series? With three missiles straight to the heart.

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: Reunited, and it feels so KABOOM!
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 21, 2010

''The Last Recruit'' sets the stage for the show's final arc

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: Well, well, well
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 14, 2010

A Hurley-centric episode sends us into an existential crisis -- which is nothing compared to where it sends Desmond and Sideways Locke

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: The end begins now
by Jeff Jensen | Apr 07, 2010

Desmond's big showcase -- and the season's best episode -- launches 'Lost' into its endgame

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: The complete 'Package'
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 31, 2010

Sun and Jin get lost in translation thanks to all the Island double-speak

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: Uncorked
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 24, 2010

''Ab Aeterno'' puts the spotlight on Richard Alpert, and gives us more insight into Jacob and the Man In Black

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: Working the angles
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 17, 2010

This Sawyer-centric episode gets us set up for the action to come next, while possibly giving some insight into Fake Locke

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: Lessons learned
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 10, 2010

Doc Jensen sifts through the answers-heavy Ben-centric episode and finds new Island-Sideways parallels

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: The measure of the man
by Jeff Jensen | Mar 03, 2010

Neither Sideways Sayid nor Island Sayid can escape the pull of the dark side; Fake Locke takes the Temple

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: Mirror image
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 24, 2010

Jack's Sideways life echoes his Island life as he continues to wrestle with his daddy issues

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: The man with the plan
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 17, 2010

Fake Locke gives us clues to Island mythology (maybe), and we check out Sideways Locke's life

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: Staying connected
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 10, 2010

Kate's Sideways and Island lives keep her tied to Sawyer and Claire, and Sayid returns a little... off

TV Recap 'Lost' recap: What's your worldview?
by Jeff Jensen | Feb 03, 2010

The season 6 premiere addresses both reboot enthusiasts and opponents, and even has a few answers


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