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'True Blood': Season 6 pics!
May 10, 2013

Rejoin Sookie, Bill, Eric, Alcide, and the rest of the gang in Bon Temps -- and meet this season's new additions

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Photo Gallery: 'True Blood' 'True Blood': 15 sexiest hookups
by EW Staff | Jun 16, 2013

Bill-Sookie. Eric-Sookie. Bill-Sookie-Eric...even Alcide; we rank real and imagined temperature-raising pairings in Bon Temps

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Photo Gallery 20 great pop-culture vampires
by EW Staff | Nov 12, 2012

Before Bella's big sparklevamp reveal next Friday, we sink our teeth into this list of our all-time fave bloodsuckers

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Photo Gallery 'True Blood': Bon Temps beauty line
by Bronwyn Barnes | Sep 11, 2012

Pam-inspired nail polish, scented lipstick, sexy perfume: Preview the ''Forsaken'' by ''True Blood'' collection

Photo Gallery 'True Blood': Where we left off
by Mandi Bierly | Jun 08, 2012

It's been a while since we were last in Bon Temps; here's a refresher before season 5 starts on Sunday

Photo Gallery 'True Blood': 8 more exclusive pics!
Jun 07, 2012

Full cast and individual portraits, plus images from the set from this week's EW mag, on sale Friday

Photo Gallery: 'True Blood' 'True Blood': 10 exclusive pics!
Jun 06, 2012

Christopher Meloni, Rutina Wesley, Ryan Kwanten, Joe Manganiello, Sam Trammell portraits; new season 5 stills!

Photo Gallery: 'True Blood' 'True Blood': 11 EW covers!
by EW Staff | Jun 05, 2012

Can't wait to sink your teeth into season 5? Whet your appetite with our complete set of cast portraits!

Photo Gallery: Summer Entertainment 'True Blood': Teases for 10 faves
by Lynette Rice | Jun 24, 2011

Show boss Alan Ball spills some secrets on what's in store for your favorite characters as they return tonight

Photo Gallery: Summer Entertainment 'True Blood': Now, where were we...
by EW Staff | Jun 21, 2011

Quick refresher on where Sookie, Bill, Eric, and the rest of Bon Temps' residents stand as season 4 begins

Photo Gallery: Summer Entertainment 'True Blood': Red carpet pics!
Jun 22, 2011

See the stars come out for series' season 4 premiere at The Dome at Arclight Hollywood last night

Photo Gallery: 'True Blood' 'True Blood': 8 new faces
by Tim Stack | Jun 17, 2010

Season 3 has a major infusion of vampire royalty, werewolves, and shape-shifters; meet the fresh meat

Photo Gallery: 'True Blood' 'True Blood': 10 best moments
by Ken Tucker | Sep 11, 2009

HBO's vamp-tastic show returns tonight; our resident Bill-Sookie-Eric expert lists season 2's bloody peaks


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