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10 hot retro toys of 2012
Nov 21, 2012

Furbies, Big Wheels, Spirographs: Throwback faves -- with some modern twists -- are in play this year

13 family-friendly videogames
by Matt Cabral | Nov 20, 2012

Fun for the young -- and the young-at-heart -- to consider for your 2012 holiday gift-shopping list

10 Great New Historical Books for Kids
by Tara Fowler | Dec 04, 2012

Dr. King, Noah Webster, Jane Goodall and other important figures are the subjects of these fun history lessons

22 movie kids: Act your age!
by EW Staff | Aug 15, 2012

Mackenzie Foy, 12, plays a pivotal role in ''Breaking Dawn -- Part 2''; see child performances that age well

Gary Ross: 10 kids' books I love
by Karen Valby | Nov 08, 2012

''Hunger Games'' director's ''Bartholomew Biddle'' out Nov. 13; his recommendations of all-time faves

15 videogames we miss
by EW Staff | Nov 01, 2012

''Wreck-It-Ralph'' ignites a wave of nostalgia for ''Super Mario Bros.,'' ''Qbert,'' and others we loved

'Wreck-it Ralph': 8 classic 'cameos'
by Anthony Breznican | Nov 04, 2012

Pac-man, Sonic, Zangief -- our who's who of game characters who pop up in weekend's No. 1 movie

'Sofia the First': Who's who
Nov 02, 2012

Ariel Winter, Sara Ramirez, Tim Gunn, and Wayne Brady on voices in Disney Channel movie (Nov. 18)

Halloween: Who's that costumed kid?!
Oct 31, 2012

Who'd that ''Batman'' grow up to be? That ''cat''? Or ''penguin''? See pic, star's memory of it, and the reveal!

25 lessons TV parents taught us
by EW Staff | Oct 18, 2012

From Huxtables (have fun) to Gosselins (know when to put kids first), do's/don'ts as seen on screen

10 powerful animated deaths
by Jonathan W. Gray | Oct 19, 2012

''Up,'' ''Finding Nemo,'' ''Bambi'' -- life and death were never more beautifully or movingly illustrated

10 smart Halloween costumes for girls
by Christina Kelly | Oct 26, 2012

Badass princesses, athletes, Taylor Swift: Dress-up ideas that are fun to wear and send confident messages

Great games/apps for kids 4-6
by Matt Cabral | Jul 30, 2012

Fun ways for your youngsters to read books, play with water, go to the zoo -- virtually

Great games/apps for kids 3 and under
by Matt Cabral | Jul 30, 2012

From 'Sesame Street' friends to animals and trains, these digital diversions are fun for the youngest set

Great games/apps for kids 10-12
by Matt Cabral | Jul 31, 2012

''Disney Universe,'' ''LEGO Batman 2,'' and more age-appropriate games for your tween

10 best Cartoon Network shows
by EW Staff | Oct 01, 2012

As the cable-TV home for animation turns 20, we salute our honor roll of (non-Adult Swim) shows

12 new YA novels: We grade 'em
by EW Staff | Sep 28, 2012

Victorian-era heroines, teen Lisbeth Salander-types, bad angels, and more: Our takes on hot titles

12 lies 'Ninja Turtles' told us
by Hillary Busis | Sep 27, 2012

Pizza doesn't make you sporty? Anchovies aren't foul? A dozen myths pushed by our heroes on a half-shell

'Hotel Transylvania': Who checked in
by EW Staff | Sep 26, 2012

Director Genndy Tartakovsky on matching Adam Sandler, Selena Gomez, and Co. to their characters

TV faves as kid fiction?
by Jef Castro, Darren Franich | Sep 21, 2012

Ever imagine hits like ''Downton Abbey,'' ''Breaking Bad,'' or ''Fringe'' getting the YA/children's book treatment? We've got you covered...

'Sesame Street': Look who's on!
by Jessica Shaw | Sep 21, 2012

Charlize Theron, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and more visit in upcoming season: Sneak peeks and inside dish!

15 biggest animated scene-stealers
by EW Staff | Sep 18, 2012

Timon and Pumba are just some of the side players who show just what a well-drawn character can do

24 'yearning for learning' movies
by EW Staff | Sep 06, 2012

As school starts, try these inspirational stories about teachers and students to get in the groove

17 surprisingly scary kids' movies
by EW Staff | Aug 10, 2012

''Wizard of Oz,'' ''Dumbo,'' ''Pinocchio,'' more flicks that weave in some fright to go with their delight


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