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A Daily Guide to Notable Shows

8:00 Lifetime

Day Late and a Dollar Short

Yes, it's a made-for-TV film. Yes, it's on Lifetime. Yes, it stars Whoopi Goldberg as an asthma-suffering mom who's trying to pull her family together before she dies. Sold? — Ariana Bacle

9:00 BBCA

Orphan Black

If you haven't gotten into thriller Orphan Black yet, the second season premiere is the perfect time to jump in — no drama better than clone drama, am I right? — Ariana Bacle

10:00 WE

Joan and Melissa: Joan Knows Best?

You may say your mom is crazy, but at least you're not Melissa Rivers trying to deal with her live-in mom's antics, including blackouts and sex tapes. Classic Joan. — Ariana Bacle