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A Daily Guide to Notable Shows

8-8:31PM ABC

Last Man Standing

Mike offers Mandy advice on setting aside money to pay taxes on her struggling online clothing business. But, you know, funny.

8:31-9PM ABC


Cristela fails to persuade Josh to join her in dressing up as Hall & Oates for Halloween. Of course she does. Who would want to go as Daryl Hall? (What do you mean, you thought he was ''the cool one''? Oates rules!)

9-9:30PM TBS

Deal With It

Contestants must obey all instructions given through an earpiece by host Theo Von and celebrity guests like this week's Ross Mathews. Because why the hell not?

9-10:01PM ABC

Shark Tank

An entrepreneur has a product designed to appeal to the ''urban beardsman.'' My guess: a T-shirt that reads ''I'm a huge tool.''

10-11PM NBC


Constantine must protect a mining community from an ancient Welsh spirit. Which is weird, as Wales is famous for its beer.


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