Tonight's Best TV

A Daily Guide to Notable Shows

8-8:30PM CBS

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon and Raj re-create the conditions in a steam tunnel, possibly confirming the Big Hair Theory.

9-10PM Fox

Sleepy Hollow

Crane and Katrina discover ''unsettling things about each other's pasts. '' For example, one night after drinking too much hard cider, Crane took an air bath with Ben Franklin.

9-10PM CBS


Walter & Co. attempt to prevent a nuclear reactor from melting down without any help from Sheldon and Raj.

10-11PM PBS

Independent Lens

This episode will look at the bond between adopted twins who are raised apart from each other (before reuniting for a Lifetime movie, of course).

10-11PM NBC

The Blacklist

While Keen chases ecoterrorists, Red ''pursues someone close to his heart.'' Anyone else thinking he's going to have a super-weird scene with a mirror?


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