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8:30-9PM ABC

The Goldbergs

Adam tells Barry that he can hack into the school's computers and change grades. I've heard this episode is a B A+ — hey, cut that out, Adam!


The 100

In March, an amalgam of Lost (Henry Ian Cusick), Grey's Anatomy (Isaiah Washington), and Battlestar Galactica vets — and the requisite beautiful CW newbies — quietly launched this space-to-postapocalyptic-Earth series. Season 2 begins with one man left in space, everyone else on Earth, and some under Earth. The splintered story lines only add to the show's depth; it's all handled like a frenzied version of The Walking Dead's season 4, with each group getting separate attention. The much-mentioned (and briefly glimpsed) Mount Weather is fully revealed, and it's as epic and weird as you'd imagine. There's blood, drama, and edge-of-your-seat action — no zombies necessary. A- — Dalene Rovenstine

10:30-11PM Comedy Central

Key & Peele

A man is convinced his wife is having an affair with a dog. But will he catch them shagging?


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