Tonight's Best TV

A Daily Guide to Notable Shows by Clark Collis

8:00 NBC


The title of this episode is ''$#!& Happens.'' So, yeah, apparently $#!& (whatever that means) will happen. — Ariana Bacle

8:30 ABC


To say that Suburgatory is not the edgiest show on TV is not to add much to the sum of human knowledge. But there is something deliciously demonic about Carly Chaikin's accessory-crazed rich-kid sociopath Dalia Royce. This episode finds Chaikin front and center as she blithely torpedoes her attempt to get into college and then tries to figure out what to do with the rest of her life (the show's title, ''Dalia Nicole Smith,'' offers a hint as to the way matters proceed). Comedian Tig Notaro guest-stars as a college admissions officer who, much like the viewer, is equally fascinated and appalled by Chaikin's monotonal utterances. B

10:00 ABC


In what has to be the most believable development so far this season, Layla tries to persuade Will to join her on a reality show.