Tonight's Best TV

A Daily Guide to Notable Shows by Ray Rahman


Hell's Kitchen

The remaining two contestants duke it out for the grand prize of getting a job with Gordon Ramsay. What does the loser get? Two jobs with Gordon Ramsay? Relax, we're just having fun here.


Hollywood Game Night

If your top six celebrities are Seth Green, Monica Potter, Jenna Elfman, Dave Foley, Michael Ealy, and Katy Mixon, then prepare to be happy. (Also, who are you? You sound fascinating!)

9-10PM FOX

Gang Related

Daniel realizes he's lost all credibility in the banking industry. And the difference between him and everyone else who works in the banking industry is...?


The Honorable Woman

''Who do you trust?'' intones Maggie Gyllenhaal's British-born, Israeli-passport-carrying businesswoman Nessa Stein at the start of this stylish, complex thriller. It's a good question given the seen-in-flashback murder of her father following that query and the present-day death of a Palestinian man to whom she has gifted a huge contract. How are these events connected? This eight-episode-long miniseries is in no rush to provide an answer. But having seen the first four shows, we can confirm that it boasts a string of crackerjack performances from the likes of Stephen Rea as a hangdog spy, Janet McTeer as his spook boss, Lubna Azabal as the housekeeper of Nessa's brother (Andrew Buchan), and Gyllenhaal herself. We trust it will all make sense in the end. B+ — Ray Rahman