Tonight's Best TV

A Daily Guide to Notable Shows by Ray Rahman

8-9:30PM BET and Centric

Soul Train Awards 2014

Wendy Williams hosts the ceremony, while Lil' Kim and Da Brat salute Kool & the Gang for their pioneering stand against spell-check.

8-10PM Nat Geo

Sleepless in America

Nat Geo teams with the NIH to explore our national sleep-deprivation epidemizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...


The Walking Dead

Memo to Officer Dawn Lerner and the occupants of Grady Memorial Hospital: You may want to consult with Gareth the cannibal before you decide to take on Rick Grimes. Oh, wait. You can't...BECAUSE HE'S DEAD! We'll have to wait to see if that famous red-handled machete makes another appearance before tonight's winter recess, but don't worry if it doesn't, as Rick's mouth also qualifies as a registered weapon. Why, just ask Joe the claimer. Oh, wait. You can't...ALSO DEAD! We're sensing a trend here. — Dalton Ross


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