Tonight's Best TV

A Daily Guide to Notable Shows

8:00 NBC

The Voice

And the live shows begin. All twelve finalists get to perform live in front of the judges, and this is the first time we viewers get a chance to vote for our favorite vocalists. We have a voice too, guys!

8:30 CBS

Friends With Better Lives

Gynecologist jokes and a sexting James Van Der Beek: Oh my! CBS' latest attempt at a hip-young-person sitcom has exactly three things going for it: Zoe Lister-Jones as the single lady, Rick Donald as the Australian guy, and the assumption that their next respective projects will be more entertaining than this. C- — Darren Franich

9:00 FOX

The Following

Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) has a plan, and, of course, it involves killing a bunch of people. Typical Joe. Ryan (Kevin Bacon) and Mike (Shawn Ashmore) know this and try to stop him, but will they move fast enough?