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A Daily Guide to Notable Shows

8-9PM The CW

The Vampire Diaries

In order to get back home, Damon must relive the single worst day of his life, which, surprisingly enough, was not the day he was killed off on Lost.

9-10PM FYI

Food Factory USA

Do your best to remain upright after touring the Budweiser brewery and Jim Beam factory.

9-10:31PM Lifetime SEASON FINALE

Project Runway

I am both the model of impatience and hanging by a thread as season 13 is sewn up tonight, and you can be assured of one thing: I know nothing about this show.

9:30-10PM NBC

A to Z

Zelda can't decide whether to invite her new boyfriend to her aunt's funeral. On the plus side, she looks good in black. (Zelda, not the aunt.)

10-11PM ABC

How to Get Away With Murder

And now the shy member of the intern murder gang, Laurel Castillo (Karla Souza), steps into the spotlight. Her heartstrings are plucked by the case of the week: a teen boy who seems to have offed his abusive father. ''Laurel's the bleeding heart in our show,'' says creator Pete Nowalk. ''This is a client that she really cares about and wants to help win their case.'' She also grows closer to her new legal-aid beau, much to colleague Frank's (Charlie Weber) chagrin. Of course, Annalise Keating (Viola Davis) is in fine fire-breathing form as she works to keep her life from devolving into crisis. ''We'll watch her be very smart and surprising,'' hints Nowalk. ''The episode ends with a big cliff-hanger involving her, as we like to do around here.'' — Kat Ward

10-11PM Animal Planet

Monsters Inside Me

A bizarre illness ravages a man's intestines, and a teen mysteriously loses her vision while driving and has to live in a dark room.*
*for non-neurotics only


Surgeon Oz

More like Dr. Ahhhs after you watch Mehmet Oz in all kinds of lifesaving surgical action at a New York hospital.

10-11PM NBC


Young-love alert: Max receives a little ''botched'' advice from Adam and a lot of worried looks from Kristina about the new girl in his life. We're concerned too, Max.


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