EW Staff
September 29, 2006 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Diane Keaton
We think you’d be perfect as a boozy lounge singer in one of Robert Altman’s sprawling films.

Rachel McAdams
Start practicing an English accent. The time is nigh for you to take on a period piece— say, a Jane Austen adaptation, directed by Jane Campion.

Halle Berry
We’d like to see Quentin Tarantino do for you what he did for Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

Charlize Theron
Partner up with Mark Ruffalo and director Kenneth Lonergan in the next You Can Count on Me.

Reese Witherspoon
We think you should pair with Catherine Keener in a Nicole Holofcener comedy.

Amy Adams
It’s time to step into the spotlight and grab your Renée Zellweger-in-Jerry Maguire moment. Judd Apatow could hook you up.

Nicole Kidman
We bet someone of the Coen brothers’ ilk could revive the wicked comic dark side you showed off in To Die For.

Lindsay Lohan
Say goodbye to the tweenybopper projects and find a Tracy Flick-type role with an Alexander Payne-type director.

Cate Blanchett
We know you can play queens, both human and Elvish. Now how about getting in touch with your improvisatory side in a Mike Leigh drama?

Frances McDormand
You’d make a hell of a latter-day Mrs. Robinson. Give David O. Russell and Jason Schwartzman a call.

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