Gillian Flynn
June 21, 2002 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Hello, Clari…Wait a minute. Anthony Hopkins chews up the role of Hannibal Lecter a third time—but as Red Dragon unfolds, Clarice Starling is still years away from whispery quid pro quos. Based on the first novel in Thomas Harris’ Hannibal series (which was previously adapted by Michael Mann into his 1986 thriller, Manhunter), Red Dragon introduces the recently captured cannibal. His nemesis: Will Graham (Edward Norton), the FBI agent who outpsyched the psychiatrist—and now needs his help finding a serial killer (Ralph Fiennes). ”He’s not the charming [Hannibal from The Silence of the Lambs] and he’s not the over-the-top Hannibal he was in Hannibal,” says director Brett Ratner, whose film opens Oct. 4. ”He’s very angry—Will Graham put him away for life.” One assumes just desserts await.

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