Season 4 Season 3 Season 2
EPISODE 12 Aired Sunday, Dec 21
Carrie returns home for a funeral and a surprise reunion.
EPISODE 11 Aired Sunday, Dec 14
Carrie races to track down Quinn before he can carry out his plan to assassinate Haqqani.
EPISODE 10 Aired Sunday, Dec 07
The secret tunnel under the embassy becomes a villain delivery system.
Homeland Recap
EPISODE 9 Aired Sunday, Nov 23
The CIA prepares for the prisoner exchange that will free Saul Berenson, but Carrie Mathison suspects that there's something they don't know.
Homeland Recap
EPISODE 8 Aired Sunday, Nov 16
The CIA stalls for time in negotiations for Saul's release, while Carrie confronts the realization that one of her own people betrayed her.
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